Are you willing to campaign for people and the planet?

Since January, we've been calling together on the Prime Minister for a new law. The law would

  • make UK companies take action to prevent harm to people and the environment
  • hold them to account if they fail to prevent harm.

But because of coronavirus, we should not add extra pressure on Number 10 at this time. So, we're asking if you want to join the campaign, hear about what's happened so far, and build together towards the future.

We're all dealing with worry and health concerns at the moment. But during this crisis, let's also keep supporting people in the world's poorest countries.

After this crisis, we will still need a law that makes UK companies respect people's rights and the environment.

Let's use this time to reflect on what we want our world to be like after the coronavirus has subsided.

Let's talk to our friends and family about the issues people in other countries face.

Let's build a campaign that's ready to stop UK companies abusing people and the environment in the world's poorest countries.