I want to take the next step

Thank you for being part of Small Steps – an inspiring community of like-minded people giving regular, sustained support to the most vulnerable and exploited people in trade. 

By increasing your monthly donation – even just a little – you can do so much more to make a better, fairer world a reality. 

What could your increased Small Steps donation do? 

  • Over a year, an increase of £3 per month can pay for a new group to come together at their first meeting – the first stepping stone towards a brighter future. 
  • Over a year, an increase of £5 per month can provide a training session for 30 people to help them learn new skills – such as how to farm other crops, or recycle waste materials, as an additional form of income. 
  • Over a year, an increase of £10 per month can pay to prepare land for a family to start a small tea farm.