Tell the Government – “This is no time for a US trade deal”

These trade talks can’t go on.

Right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the government is trying to make a trade deal with President Trump’s America.

It's all behind closed doors. With no opportunity for scrutiny, there’s every chance a deal with the US could undermine the world's poorest countries and the fight against climate change.

Will you send an email to the government?

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Now is not the time for a trade deal.

Not while the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic are still with us.

Not while the effect of a deal on the world's poorest countries and the climate crisis is unclear.

Your email will go to two ministers:

  1. Liz Truss is Secretary of State for International Trade. She would have the power to suspend talks. But she’s a firm believer in a deal with Trump which would be a big win for her department.
  2. Michael Gove is the most senior minister in the Cabinet Office – effectively Boris Johnson’s deputy. He’s much more cautious about a trade deal with the US, especially if it involves making big concessions on food standards. It’s important that he knows that the negotiations don’t have public support.