Liam Fox: put transparency and democracy into UK trade

This autumn, the government will present the Trade Bill to Parliament. It's a big piece of legislation that will lay the ground for the UK's future trade relations after Brexit.

But while trade has an enormous impact on people's lives, we're hearing that the Bill will allow the government to pass new agreements with minimal input or scrutiny. There are likely to be no transparency requirements, no right for the public to give their input, and no guarantee that Parliament will get a vote.

Taking back control over trade was one of the main arguments for leaving the European Union. But with current rules, the public and Parliament will have less - not more - control over trade policy after Brexit.

In developing countries, millions of people depend on trade with the UK. Decisions about trade could be make or break for them. 

If the interests of the poorest are going to be taken into account after Brexit, we need transparent negotiations that give people and Parliament a say.


Trade Secretary Liam Fox - changing trade for good requires a transparent process where everyone has a seat at the negotiating table.

Please ensure the Trade Bill contains the following:

  1. The right of Parliament to set a thorough mandate to govern each trade negotiation, with a remit for the devolved administrations.
  2. The right of citizens to be consulted as part of setting that mandate.
  3. Full transparency in negotiations.
  4. The right of Parliament to amend and to reject trade deals, with full debates guaranteed and a remit for the devolved administrations.
  5. The right of Parliament to review trade deals and withdraw from them if they are damaging.