Typhoo, who picked my tea?

Typhoo is the UK's fifth largest brand. For more than 100 years they have sold tea in British shops, and today they also pack tea for some major supermarkets.

But unlike the other 'Big Six' tea brands, Typhoo hasn't yet said where they source their tea from.

Some of Typhoo's blends include tea from Assam, India, where workers are paid less than £2 per day picking tea for UK brands. Many live in broken houses and don't have access to proper healthcare, clean water and other basic necessities.

This isn't right and the big brands can do something about it, starting by publishing where they buy their tea.

Greater transparency means greater scrutiny, and it will provide vital information for the tea workers in their struggle for better conditions and pay.

So, around the country people are calling for change by asking a simple question: 'Who picked my tea?'. The five other big brands – Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, Tetley, Clipper and PG Tips – have responded by publishing their supplier lists.

Now it's time for Typhoo to join them.

Add your voice: ask Typhoo 'Who picked my tea?'.